We went down to the CBS lot and viagra tablets crashed the Open Casting Call for The Amazing Race: Season 20.

3rd Time’s a Charm? They say that, right?

7 Responses to “VIDEO: Z & J CRASH THE OPEN CALL”

  • Jenny:

    Hey Mon! I hope you make it, Mon! Would luv to see you back on TAR, Mon!

  • John:

    Very good video, entertaining. I look forward to more exciting adventures of Zev and Justin. The only negative I can think of is perhaps the music drops. Maybe more obscure tracks or instrumental would help not distract or seem like MTVs Made.

  • I think Zev’s dog is almost as hairy as Justin. Can we wax it?

  • Jessica:

    You guys are so hilarious! Luv the costumes, mon!

  • If only my real dreads could get me on TAR. :)

  • Susie:

    Thx for sharing! More z& j please!! You 2 are so fun to watch. Nice job with the whole crashing the audition and dreadlock angle. I like the way you put the video together too-great tunes! (paper planes is one of my all time faves). Cross g my fingers and toes for a 3peat!

  • Jason:

    Oh, guys, I’m loving you so much! You guys are the motivations for me to wait for a new season.