"Little Miss Sunshine"

This is a pretty odd story, if not a little twisted. A child beauty pageant is taking heat for awarding an autistic girl “Best Personality” – from the mother of the girl.

Child beauty pageants are controversial to begin with, so it really seems like Leonie Myles, the mother of Tahnee, was asking for trouble getting Tahnee involved in something like that… particularly considering the nature of Autism and the fragility buy cheap viagra internet that can sometimes come with it as far as self-image is concerned.

Ultimately this may not be that big of a deal, but it’s still an interesting situation… and even though it’s in Australia, it feels like a very American issue.

Here’s the link – let us know what you think.


2 Responses to “"Little Miss Sunshine"”

  • It almost sounds like the mom was upset that she didn’t win for a beauty reason. Also, it seems ridiculous for parents to get upset with the pageant yet put their kids in the pageant to begin with (as seen in the article that was linked from the article you linked to.

    I had to laugh at the top modeling agency saying how disgusting child beauty pageants are and how they make kids feel inferior and have self-image issues. Do they not realize that teens feel the way they do because of the top models that are out there looking airbrushed and anorexic.

  • Rebecca B:

    As the mom of a nine-year-old boy with autism, I can attest that being on the autism spectrum doesn’t prevent you from having a great personality. I’d be the first to vote for my son for best personality in any contest. Have we all “met” Zev? If you don’t think he has a great personality you likely wouldn’t be on this page (no offense, Justin). Social “skills” are culturally determined and, in my humble opinion, debatable. Can’t begin to understand where this young girl’s mom is coming from or exactly what her complaint is in this case, but thought it was interesting that she equated the two. Perhaps we should all use this girl’s win as an excuse to befriend someone on the spectrum. Like me, you might find you prefer the social skills of specrumites to those of your most savvy social savants.:-)