Greylock Songster

Justin’s 22 Month-Old viagra england niece Bee Montana Kanew learns every Kanew’s favorite song – our Camp Greylock alma Mater…


4 Responses to “Greylock Songster”

  • jeff:

    Now she’s immortalized!

  • Erin:

    I love this, not because I know the Greylock song (who could afford to go to camp?) but because I have a similar video of my 2 year old nephew singing HIS favorite song to me this past weekend. Nieces and nephews are awesome!

  • John:

    Yeah Camp Greylock and others like it are certainly for the children of the wealthy. Obviously camp brought you great memories Justin, so it was definitely worth the giant sum of money it cost. For me sleepaway camp always scared me, I never wanted to be away for that long.

    • Erin:

      Well, John, this farmer’s daughter would have LOVED to go to sleep away camp. My sarcasm was meant to disguise my extreme jealousy. My “camp” was a tent in the back yard, sometimes without sticks or stones underneath. But, I’m not really complaining. My dad can build a kick butt bonfire, visible from space, so I really didn’t miss out on that much.