Zev and Justin were contestants on The Amazing Race seasons 15 & 18. If you don’t know by now, Zev has Asperger’s Syndrome. The response from the autism community – and everyone in general – was overwhelming, and we had such a blast sharing the experience, so we’ve created this site

as a way to keep in touch with everyone and continue to share our experiences as we continue our post-race lives.

We’ll be sharing little videos, thoughts, and tidbits, talking a lot about our new friends at Autism Speaks, and inviting everyone to chime in as well.

Please become a subscriber so we you know when we update (not too often, we promise), and stop by to check in from time to time!


Much love,

Z & J

4 Responses to “About”

  • Ryan:

    Hey Zev you inspired my b/f to get some occupational therapy to deal with his AS. You’ve been a bit of an inspiration to us both. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  • dan:

    so did you guys get on the amazing race 20 XD

  • Lainey:

    Thanks so much to both of you for being such great guys to watch on the amazing race series 15 which we are currently watching on FOXTEL here in Australia. I missed the first episode (not sure if you mentioned Zev’s AS then) but had no idea. Just thought you were both kind hearted,polite and wonderful guys. It was only after seeing your elimination episode today that I googled you, mainly to find out where you had left your passport. I loved how you both interacted with your taxi driver that day! If you’re ever our way, drop us a line! They’ll always be a spare bed! Wishing you all the best for the future!
    Lainey in Albany Western Australia

  • MC:

    Just finished Season 18, yeah I’m a bit behind, and was gutted that you guys didn’t win. Best team of any season, hands down! Keep up the good work and hoping to see you both on another season. Viewers choice teams would be a good season :-)

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