"Just Hold My Hand"

This is a poignant obituary for Jameson Lindskog, 23, who was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. Jameson was a medic who had Asperger’s, and was known for telling it like viagra no perscription uk it is.
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The end of the article is heartbreaking:

Even after he had been shot, Lindskog calmly instructed another soldier who came to his side on how to administer first aid to him,” the soldier would later tell Lindskog’s mother.

When he was done, Lindskog told him: “That’s it. That’s all you can do for me.”

Then he added, “Just hold my hand.”

People on the spectrum can be just as brave as the rest of us.


Autistic Boy, 12, With IQ Higher than Einstein, Develops His Own Theory of Relativity

One of the things viagra now we want to do here on this site is shine a spotlight on the talents of kids – and adults – on the Autism Spectrum.

Thanks to the Race, we’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of great people and going to a lot of great Autism-related events, and one of the things we’ve learned is that kids on the spectrum generally have something they LOVE above all else, and they devote an incredible amount of time and passion to THAT THING.

For Zev it was two things really – The Amazing Race, and The Lakers… but we’ve met kids who love game shows, bugs, chemistry, sports, music, geography… the list goes on.

This is an article about Jacob, a boy genius who has Autism and is “so far advanced in his Indiana university studies that professors are lining him up for a PHD research role.”

It’s an incredible story, and we want to hear more like it. Please share other stories like this with us that you may know of… what is YOUR child on the Spectrum into? What is THAT THING, and what are they doing to pursue it?

We really want to know — please share your experiences with us.

We want this to be a place that highlights the gifts that Autism gives, rather than focusing on the negatives.

Much Love,

Z & J


A Mother's Courage: The Movie – Narrated by Kate Winslet

This looks like a really interesting doc about Autism… click through for the trailer.

A Mother\’s Courage – Talking Back To Austism

Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet and directed by Academy Award nominee Fridrik Thor FridrikssonTHE SUNSHINE BOY (aka A Mother’s Courage) follows Margret as she sets out to meet the world’s leading experts on  autism in the US and Europe. With a poet’s delicate touch Fridriksson, explores  the subject throughout the entire spectrum of autism, while not losing sight of Margret, an Icelandic mother, and her mission to understand her autistic 10 year old son Keli as they travel to the U.S. to research new therapies in the hopescanadian pharmacy viagras of unlocking the autistic mind.