The HollyRod Benefit – A Great Night In Malibu

This weekend in Malibu, Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete held their 14th Annual HollyRod Foundation Design Care Benefit. It was a great night with a lot of awesome people in attendance, and it raised a lot of money for 2 worthy causes – Autism and Parkinson’s Disease.

Holly and Rodney were kind enough to honor us with this year’s Champion Award, which meant a ton to Zev and I. The video they played before we went up to receive the awards was a real tearjerker, and sure enough it jerked the tears right out of me.

This was the video:

By the time that ended I was pretty much a wreck. I figured Zev would talk first so I could gather myself, but Holly handed him the mic and he handed it right to me so I had to try to talk through the waterworks. I managed to choke out a story about our friends Brett and Susie Sokol, who became a big part of our Amazing Race experience when Susie relayed to us that she had told her 12 year-old son Brett he had Asperger’s because of the way he responded to Zev on the show, which was incredible to hear.

When I was finished, Zev took the mic and called up his family and our friends who were there to support, and we all had a big group hug canadian united pharmacy on the stage. It was a great moment.

Among others we met Paula Abdul, Arsenio Hall, Byron Allen, and Brian Grant – who does amazing things for Parkinson’s while living with it. Natalie Cole sang to us, Mark Curry made us laugh, someone bought a Shih-tzu for $10,000… lots of good things happened.

It was a night we’ll remember forever, and we have Holly and Rodney to thank for it. The world needs more Peetes.

We’ll post some more video when we get it, but in the meantime please give if you can to the HollyRod Foundation here:


"The Geek Defense"

This is a Recent Article about a hacker who was busted for hacking into the US Military computers in the wake of 9/11 to tell them their security was crap. He called himself “Solo”.

When he was busted, part of Solo’s defense was that he was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and therefore in some way not responsible for his actions. He’s not the first hacker to make this claim. “The Geek Defense”, as they refer to it, seems to be a growing excuse for hackers.

On the one hand it seems like brand viagra professional it may well be that people with Aspergers are less responsible for what they do than others, since sometimes it’s harder for them to censor their words and even actions. I know we’ve had a few moments I’d rather not talk about that may or may not have occurred had Zev not had Aspergers.

On the other hand, we would hate to see Aspergers being used to excuse obviously criminal behavior. There’s a big difference between not knowing when to censor yourself socially and not knowing when you’re breaking the law.

Where do you come down on this argument? Let us know.

Z & J


"Little Miss Sunshine"

This is a pretty odd story, if not a little twisted. A child beauty pageant is taking heat for awarding an autistic girl “Best Personality” – from the mother of the girl.

Child beauty pageants are controversial to begin with, so it really seems like Leonie Myles, the mother of Tahnee, was asking for trouble getting Tahnee involved in something like that… particularly considering the nature of Autism and the fragility buy cheap viagra internet that can sometimes come with it as far as self-image is concerned.

Ultimately this may not be that big of a deal, but it’s still an interesting situation… and even though it’s in Australia, it feels like a very American issue.

Here’s the link – let us know what you think.