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"Let’s Get Digital!" Ep. 1 – with Will Sasso

Our first real “Let’s Get Digital!” episode – with buy cheap viagra now special guest Will Sasso from Mad TV & The Three Stooges, among other things.

Zev busts out his silver pajamas from The Amazing Race, Zev sings to Will, and Will helps us figure out what our show should be.

We’ll be having fun like this on TradioV.com/la every monday at 6pm Pacific. Join us.

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The Autism Live Interview

Earlier today we did an interview with Shannon over at Autism Live. Shannon emailed us to tell us not to when will viagra be generic? wear green shirts, but she didn’t hit “reply all”, so Zev didn’t didn’t get the memo… and amazingness ensued.

The floating head fun starts around the 1 hour 53 minute mark:


On “The Amazing Race” season 18 Zev ordering viagra overnight delivery & Justin each won a 2012 Ford Focus. Here’s what happened when Zev got his.


A little while back we went to the Santa Barbara rodeo to watch our good buddy Cord Mccoy ride bulls. It’s pretty impressive stuff. We wouldn’t be able to do it.

Zev didn’t viagra pfizer india fulfill his dream of being one of the actual clowns, but he’s still a clown, and he did get his turn in the barrel.


"Zev In Venice"

A few months ago Zev and I went to Venice, CA, just to discount viagra levitra hang out. I decided to film Zev because he’s funny to film. I figured the mix of Zev and a colorful place like Venice might be a good mix. You be the judge.

(Please excuse the format… I didn’t realize I was supposed to turn my phone sideways. Rookie mistake. Won’t happen again.)