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"Survivor Skydives to Spite Hitler"

Zev and I were both raised Jewish. Neither of us really practices or does anything religious anymore other than occasionally to please our parents, but our families are Jewish, so there’s a definite connection there.

Zev’s parents practice Kabbalah. My dad’s what you might call an Anti-Semitic Jew, but my mom has strong feelings about her religion and thinks about viagra tablet weight going to temple a lot… in no small part because her parents, my grandparents – Harry and Jean Grundman – were in various concentration camps, including Auschwitz, during World War II. Both obviously survived those horrors and have gone on to raise a family and live long and productive lives.

Anyway – the point is that that’s our connection to this story, about an 85 year-old Jewish man who also survived World War II and recently went skydiving as one last “Screw You” to Hitler.

It’s about adventure and positivity, 2 things we’ll try to stress the importance of here on our blog, if not in our lives.

Here’s the link. It’s a pretty cool story.